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Full Details :
Company Name :
Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Position : Content Marketer (SaaS)

Job Description : Are you a Content Marketing enthusiast?
This is not a usual job description where after reading the roles and responsibilities you are still unclear about the work you’ll be doing and how your contributions will impact the customers.
Here, we’ll tell you exactly what you’re getting into and you decide for yourself if we’re worthy of your application.
Deal? Let’s do it!
So, what is Saleshandy?
At Saleshandy, we are revamping ourselves to a sales engagement platform to help outbound sales professionals engage with their prospects.
A glimpse of the new Saleshandy:
Team, culture & stuff
Oh, this is our favorite part. We’ve seen companies that write ‘templatized’ BS for this section; stuff that’s never followed in reality.
Not us. Here are some of our core values to give you a sense of who we are as a team:
Do real work. Life is short. You can not buy time. We use our time in shipping things that move our customers and company forward.
We reflect — we reflect every day to ensure we do meaningful work. We optimize and prioritize our time for real work
We stay lean.
We all improve by 1% every day.
Prefer long-term growth over short-term victories.
Integrity & trust comes first — with customers & team
Do not break hearts at the cost of money
We are makers! We are artists! We believe in craftsmanship!
We don’t work for paychecks, we work to create value. We believe in value creation over profits.
We believe in Ikigai! We live Ikigai!
We know what we love. We are aware. We enjoy our work, we take pride in our work
We believe in Work-life integration over work-life balance
Not convinced yet? Okay, here’s the fun stuff:
ROWE (Result Oriented Work Environment). We believe in deliverables instead of micromanagement.
Remote First. Until you have wifi and a laptop — work from anywhere.
Young and geographically distributed team. We have team members working remotely across India.
Personal Development. An annual budget for books, courses, and conferences
Medical Insurance. We offer health insurance for all employees— Heal faster without worrying about growing medical expenses.
Annual team retreats. To boost the energy of the entire team we go for an annual retreat — you will decide the place
BTW, for this role, you’ll be directly working with:
Dhruv, Anil & Sanjna from Marketing Team
Folks who achieved significant growth with the help of SEO and content marketing tactics in the last 4-5 years. We get ~150k monthly visits on saleshandy’s blogs and website. Feeding our sales team with ~5000 new leads every month.
At times you will find yourself working with Utsav & Piyush from Product Team
Safe to say, these folks are passionate about what they do.
The role and what we are looking for
Write and optimize creative copies for Ads, website messaging, in-product messages, and social media posts.
Own lead generation – through inbound marketing techniques
You will own the content calendar. i.e you will write and publish the new content
Promote the content published by you and your team to get the most out of it.
Build engagement with our subscribers and users with the help of newsletters and social media.
Create graphics required for marketing. Using canva or other design tools. Know basic user interface and experience.
Increase reader’s experience on the blog using creative and thoughtful elements like a sticky table of content, callouts, and other elements.
Key Requirements
Obsessed with learning — be a marketing student for life
Analytical mindset
Proven work experience as a Content marketer or content writer
The editorial mindset with an ability to predict audience preferences
Hands-on experience with SEO and web traffic metrics
Project management skills and attention to detail
Excellent communication and writing skills in English
If you don’t think you meet all the criteria below but still are interested in the job, please apply! It’s impossible for one person to check every box, and we’re looking for someone excited to join the team!
What’s the interview process like?
Step 1: You apply & introduce yourself.
Step 2: Solve a quick take-home assignment.
Step 3: Few quick rounds of interviews to gauge if we are a good culture fit.
Step 4: Job Offer (contingent on the above steps).
Step 5: Welcome to the Ikigai tribe!
So, think we’re a good fit? Then let’s roll.

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