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Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Position : ATM-Coordinator

Job Description : Job Description
Manage process adherence by the channel Ensure quality of performance by the ATM channel by having Satisfactory Audit Report.
Monthly reporting of Cash Verification.
Provide remote support provided to Branches for NON ATMC locations for Recon/ATM/TMKs Manage customer delight through Site visits Ensure that all Offsite and Captive ATMs are visited once a month without fail.
To ensure all the site related issues are adequately captured in the Site Verification Report and are tracked / followed up to closure.
Proper Coordination with Admin team/CPT-Vendor for resolution of site issues within TAT Proper coordination with E-Surveillance vendor for security related issues.
Wooqer updation to be done 100% Ensure thorough Cash Verification ATMc to ensure that cash audits are done with utmost sincerity.
Any deviations found during cash audits have to be reported on an immediate basis to the supervisor.
ATMC to look for any suspicious behavior of the CIT Agency ATMC to ensure to complete the Cash Van Verification as per stipulated number of Vans.
Details of cash audits are to be updated in the Wooqer without any miss outs.
ATMc to ensure proper documentation is held by CIT Agency at all times and more particularly during election period.
New ATM / BNA deployment / Shifting / Closure Ensure necessary co-ordination with respective stakeholders for New ATM deployment/ Shifting / Closure.
Remote support to branches on clarification on BNA Ensure that BNA is not down for more than 1 day for any reason Do Surprise Cash audits in Brach ATMs During the course of Cash audits being done at Offsite and Captive ATMs, the ATMcs also have to do Sample Cash audits at branch ATMs.
Shortcomings on Cash related things have to be reported to Supervisor immediately.
Shortcomings referred w.
t ATM room to be taken up with Branch Manager.
Management of stakeholders (All) Nil Escalations from stake holders To address the corporate related issues for ATM services and for New Installations Visit to Branches for cash handover to CRAs during consecutive Holidays.
To coordinate between branch & CRAs to ensure timely cash handover to CIT agencies.
Proper coordination with IT team for access related issue and arrangement of ladders for V-sat Issue.
Branch Visit for escalations and New ATM set up.
Ensure NCR MS, Diebold MS and all vendors perform according to laid down SLAs and TATs Ensure Monthly meeting with MSP is done and issues are documented for closure.
MPS / CPT / CIT Vendor Management Collect all required documentation from CIT Agency on identification of their staff Ensure that on a Quarterly basis the above documents are sent to all Offsite ATMs, Branch ATMs, Captive ATMs which have ATM Attendants, Currency Chests and branches which give cash In case there is no change in the documents then there is no need to circulate the documents again BUT a written confirmation has to be taken from the CIT Agency that there is no change Ensure that in case there is any change then the same needs to be informed to all Offsite ATMs, Branch ATMs, Captive ATMs which have ATM Attendants, Currency Chests and branches which give cash Ensure that a confirmation from the branches is taken which give cash and Currency Chest have received the above documents.
Sales and Influencing Skills
Banking Product & Process Knowledge
Knowledge of Competition & Current trends in financial Industry.

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