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Location : Hyderabad, Telangana
Position : Operations Executive- RO

Job Description : Job Description
Processing of Corporate Actions (Equity & DEBT) Event Capturing and Processing for both equity and debt Reconciliation and follow-up of entitlements generated on the equity & debt holding Reporting to Clients Annual Reports tracking and onward dispatch to clients Creation / modification of Masters like client / instrument etc.
Processing of primary market Applications for Equity & Debt securities Incorporation of data in ASBA Module Processing of Mutual Fund Applications either by creation of new folios or providing applications in existing folios Following up with Companies / RTAs / Issuers for Cash & Non Cash Benefits declared Fund Settlement for equity / debt and derivatives transactions including fund transfers / RTGS / NEFT Processing of payin & payout obligations and funding to exchanges for both Equity Cash and Derivatives segment Updation of Client Codes in Billing Module Spooling of DVP Purchase and Sale Letters and Processing of Banking Entries Execution of fund transfer entries / RTGS / NEFTs Generation of Obligation Report and Preparation of Transfer Sheets Checking of Sufficient Balance in NRI Cases and Passing the same Reconciliation of Settlement Account Vault Activities for Monitoring for Movement of Physical Certificate Monthly Billing Processing of Brokerage payable in Cash & F &O;(NSE) and Debt segment.
Processing of NSCCL & ICCL debt transactions which includes Fund Transfers & RTGS initiation.
Tracking & Uploading of NRI TDS file from GPK & Co.
Processing of Equity securities transactions as per Exchange Settlement cycle and Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) basis Executing STP process for download and upload of client instructions in Intellect Custody System Download and upload of Trades from Exchange Portals (NSE & BSE) Matching of transactions and trade confirmation to Exchanges / Clearing Corporations Generating DP instructions and digitally signing the same thru Authoriser Conducting Payin and Payout of Securities Reconciliation of Exchange obligation and Back Office System obligation before releasing to clients Preparation of regulatory reports for NRIs/ MF / FPIs.
Liasioning with brokers for DVP trade settlement and receiving the stock or instructing Fund Settlement Unit for release of payment.
Processing of Debt securities & Interscheme Transactions as per exchange settlement cycle Accepting instructions and verifying on the exchange platform Capture / Upload the Debt Trade (both purchase and sale) instructions in Custody Back Office System.
Login to Exchange portal like CBRICS / ESETTLE for Debt transactions reported.
Prepare code creation request for new securities and handover to Corporate Actions unit Generate DP instructions for sale and purchase transactions Reconcile pool account and pass system entries in back office system Provide brokerage details to Fund Settlement Unit Follow-up with Client Relations desk for pending transactions.
Reporting of Collateral Valuation of brokers to Clearing Corporations post processing of pledging and de-pledging instructions received from members and clearing corporations.
Download of exchange circulars Upload files like exchange wise / clearing corporation wise VAR margin / Price File in Back office system Create pledges based on the instruction received from brokers Generate valuation files and upload / forward to Exchanges / Clearing Corporations Follow-up with Exchanges for release instructions Processing of FDR Renewal, Confirmation & Rebooking.
Processing of Unilateral Pledge Closure & FDR withdrawal Follow-up with the margin brokers for outstanding charges Processing of Corporate Action request Processing of F&O; Transactions and Blocking & Unblocking of securities for day light limits for Mutual Funds Processing of new Client Setup for F&O; Segment Download the Exchange file like TR02, CN01, PS04, MG12 & Span file & Upload the same in Match Derivatives.
After successful upload of the files, systems generate the reconciliation file.
Run Online Margin Monitoring & Risk Management Module in Protector System & generate / Send the reports of Margin used by Client & Open Position limit taken by client against stipulated by governing body Confirm client trades to exchange Process deposit and withdrawals of cash / FDs to exchange and clients Submit Annual Report of the Bank in Hardcopy & enter the financial / directors details in Exchange site as per NSE instructions on Annual basis Co-ordinate for data required by Auditors for quarterly submission of Audit report to exchanges Conduct Pledging/De-pledging of Securities for MF Clients Report valuation to CAD team for the securities blocked Co-ordinate with Mutual Fund Function for addition or deletion of securities and Copies of CAM approved by Credit Risk Processing of Fund Accounting Transactions Accounting for Repo, Debt and Inter-scheme deals based on the deal tickets received from the Fund House Accounting for Bank transactions across all schemes for Investment, Equity, Treasury, Collection and Redemption Bank accounts.
Accounting for Journal Transactions for Scheme expense and management fees Accounting for Corporate Actions based on the forth coming corporate actions report received from custody.
Accounting for Corporate Actions based on the forth coming corporate actions report received from custody.
Creation of Security Masters for new purchase of securities.
Login to STP Interface Accounting for equity deals, preparation of broker order upload and comparison Providing the daily working papers, along with the NAV report and deal sheets to the daily NAV auditors.
Daily holding reconciliations between MFUND and Custody holding.
Monthly Bank reconciliations for all schemes.
Sending reports to client Uploading of NAV on AMFI portal post approval from auditors.
Product & knowledge
Error free processing
Knowledge of circulars issued by the regulators.
Knowledge of Financial markets / Stock markets

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